Stadium Drone Detection

Stadium drone detection

The Threat

Drone threats to stadiums have emerged as a pressing concern in recent years.

These venues, hosting large gatherings of spectators, athletes, and high-profile events, have become attractive targets for unauthorized drone operators.

Drones flying over stadiums can compromise the safety of attendees and disrupt live broadcasts, causing significant disruptions and financial losses.

Additionally, drones can carry payloads that pose serious security risks, including surveillance equipment or hazardous materials. 

The Solution

AeroDefense’s stadium drone detection solution, AirWarden, was the first and only drone detection system to receive the Department of Homeland Security Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation in 2019. AeroDefense has since been awarded Designation status. 

DHS SAFETY Act Designation Seal

More than 30 major sports and entertainment arenas have active SAFETY Act protections. If your stadium is seeking your own designation or certification, using products and services that are SAFETY Act approved will be beneficial.

AeroDefense’s stadium drone detection solution, AirWarden™ detects both the drone and the pilot/controller simultaneously. It can detect multiple drones and their pilots at the same time.

The AirWarden Remote ID Receiver detects drones broadcasting Remote ID information.

AirWarden spectrum sensing fixed or mobile sensors detect drones broadcasting Remote ID information as well as drones NOT broadcasting Remote ID information including custom “kit” or Do It Yourself (DIY drones) without reliance on a product library.

AirWarden has been commercially deployed and proven effective at MetLife Stadium since 2018 where the RF noise on an event day can increase by 50,000 times. 

Once detected, alerts are sent to security personnel via command console, text or email. Alerts are configurable based on role and type. They can also be sent to local law enforcement for a coordinated response.

The system is configured to trigger alerts when detected devices cross a user-defined boundary so the stadium can prioritize drone activity in the area it is most concerned about. 

The AirWarden system software provides users the ability to record, store, and playback AirWarden UI screen recordings of a detection incident via the AirWarden incident replay function. This function allows a system operator to review the detection event and manually control the visual replay of the target flight path, with historical indicators providing target speed and heading during flight.

Users with access to reporting functionality can easily select and download information about a specific detection event, any number of detection events, and a summary of all devices detected. Users can also create an incident report of multiple detections with only a few clicks.