RF Drone Detection System Legality & Security

5 Questions to Determine If A Radio Frequency Drone Detection System Is Legal & Secure Infographic

Determining RF drone detection system legality and security can be a challenge. Especially if you aren’t intimately familiar with the regulatory landscape and security/cybersecurity concerns of deploying certain systems.

Last August, the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, Federal Aviation Administration, and Federal Communications Commission issued an advisory guidance document. The advisory seeks to help non-federal public and private entities navigate the laws and regulations related to drone mitigation and detection technology. It references various federal provisions and laws that could render such technology illegal to use.

The American Security Drone Act of 2021, formerly introduced as the American Security Drone Act of 2019, currently has bipartisan support. If passed, federal entities cannot purchase drones and detection/mitigation systems developed by “covered foreign entities.” This is due to the security/cybersecurity risks associated with deploying network-connected hardware from an adversarial country. These risks should be considered even if the bill does not pass. 

Here are 5 questions you can ask a vendor to better understand their RF drone detection system legality and security: