Port Drone Detection

Port Security Risk

Port Drone Detection

Port safety is a huge concern. Disruptions to bridge, tunnel, ferry terminal, or waterway traffic can cost millions… or more. They interrupt commerce and can impact access to fuel, like gasoline and heating oil. It also puts cruise ships and tankers—that have limited mobility in close quarters—at risk.

However, locating drones and controllers at Ports is a challenge. Background noise from other Radio Frequency (RF) devices in the area make drones hard to detect. In addition, drone signals are distorted when they bounce off buildings and vehicles. Then there’s water. Any drone detection system deployed at a port needs to include mobile sensors for patrol boats. And be designed to withstand the harsh marine environment.

The Solution

AeroDefense’s port drone detection solution, AirWarden™ was developed in New Jersey – a high RF urban environment. AirWarden detects drones as they enter your airspace, and locates both drone and operator simultaneously. Once detected, the system alerts security personnel via command console, text or email. 

In addition, security patrol vehicles, both on land and water, can be equipped with mobile AirWarden sensors. Mobile sensors have the ability to operate stand-alone or they can join a land-based sensor network.