ISC East 2021

AeroDefense Founder and CEO, Linda Ziemba, and Arthur Mogil, Consultant and Retired Lieutenant of the Counterterrorism Division at NYPD, will give a presentation at ISC East 2021 about the complexities of urban drone detection and response tactics.

ISC East 2021

Date: November 17-18, 2021
Venue: Javits Center, NYC

Complexities of Urban Drone Detection and Response Tactics Session

November 18 @ 10:00-10:45am ET

Session Description:

Drones in the hands of bad actors and clueless/careless hobbyist pilots have and continue to present serious security concerns for organizations as well as law enforcement. As a result, drone detection systems, fixed and mobile, have become incredibly popular.

Systems with drone mitigation capabilities are reserved for use by Federal entities due to significant liability issues, so finding the drone pilot is currently the safest form of mitigation. But the use of drone detection technology can be challenging in urban environments where buildings and complex structures form urban canyons that block lines of sight and lead to multipath propagation.

Arthur Mogil, Retired Lieutenant of the Counterterrorism Division at NYPD, and Linda Ziemba, Founder and CEO of AeroDefense, will discuss how to assess and simplify the complexities of drone detection in an urban environment as well as response tactics security teams can employ once a drone is detected.

After the session attendees will be able to:

• Define the differences between drone detection system types

• Identify drone threats they may be unaware of

• Recognize the legal and liability concerns of drone mitigation

• Understand the challenges and complexities associated with drone detection in an urban environment and how to simplify them

• Define their own response plans to drone threats based on best practices provided

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