Free Drone Risk Assessment Template

Quantifying the risk and potential financial loss from drone incidents may seem like an overwhelming task. 

You may be asking yourself, “How do I decide if drone detection technology is worth the investment?”

We’ve developed a free drone risk assessment template to help you:

  • estimate your risk exposure and quantify potential losses
  • compare a drone detection investment to your risk exposure.
AeroDefense Free Drone Threat Risk Assessment

Access Free Drone Risk Assessment Template

We Can Help You Complete the Assessment

Risk exposure means different things to different organizations and costs can vary. 

For example, in some cases locations are put on lockdown and all buildings searched when there is a drone incident. This type of resource-heavy response carries a cost even when no damage occurs. As an example, a data center may need to send staff to every rooftop to ensure no cyber-threat technology was deployed. 

We will provide a free 1 hour consultation to help you complete our template.

We Can Help You with Charts and Graphs

Don’t need help with filling out the tool but want help with creating charts and graphs to show your leadership? 

Email with the subject line Charts/Graphs for Drone Threat Risk Assessment.