Deloitte + AeroDefense on Drone Detection Legality

WHITEPAPER on Drone Detection Legality

There are several three letter agencies that govern Counter-UAS and drone detection legality. Organizations should carefully consider the laws and regulations prior to technology purchase.

We collaborated with Deloitte’s US Drone Services practice to provide an overview of the legal landscape applicable to any organization considering or currently employing drone detection and Counter-UAS capabilities.

Section 1: UAS proliferation and the rising need to protect assets and facilities against careless, clueless and criminal drone use

Section 2: Who governs the legal use of drone detection and mitigation technology?

Section 3: Drones: How they communicate and why it’s important

Section 4: The regulatory landscape

Section 5: Authorization to use 6 U.S. Code § 124n (Protection of Assets and Facilities)

Section 6: Conclusion