Drone Detection for Law Enforcement Podcast

In this Public Safety Innovators Podcast that focuses on drone detection for law enforcement, AeroDefense Founder and CEO, Linda Ziemba, joined Adam Wills, a former law enforcement administrator turned marketing guru.

They discuss why drone detection is so important for law enforcement and public safety, especially in 2021, and explore the legal considerations of this technology. Linda explains how AeroDefense’s AirWarden is different from other systems on the market.

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  • [02:31] The problem they solve at AeroDefense.
  • [05:54] Why do we need better solutions for counter drone detection?
  • [08:55] How the AeroDefense AirWarden System detects both the drone and the pilot.
  • [11:11] What the AirWarden System looks like for the user.
  • [16:07] How does the network of sensors (or net) work to locate the drone and the pilot?
  • [19:05] The AeroDefense System is the only counter drone technology able to detect all types of drones and controllers!
  • [20:45] Pending legislation that may affect drones and drone detection.
  • [23:10] Marketing Minute: Your Background is One of Your Most Valuable Assets
  • [25:06] More legal considerations.
  • [28:41] More detail on how the AirWarden System works.
  • [30:46] The future of drone technology and how AeroDefense fits into it.
  • [33:06] How much does the system cost? It depends…
  • [34:51] When did the idea for this technology come from? A tennis match?
  • [38:08] The only anti-drone technology that has the DHS Safety Act designation.
  • [39:07] How you can connect with Linda Ziemba and AeroDefense.