Critical Infrastructure Drone Detection

Critical infrastructure drone detection

The Threat

Critical infrastructure such as refineries, airports, and chemical manufacturers are vulnerable to drone incursions that can range from acts of vandalism and espionage to acts of terrorism. The ability of drones to penetrate restricted airspace and carry out reconnaissance or deliver malicious payloads poses a genuine risk to the safety, security, and functionality of these essential systems.

Clueless or careless drone pilots operating near critical infrastructure sites pose a significant challenge to security and safety. Some individuals may not fully grasp the regulations and safety guidelines governing drone flights in sensitive areas, inadvertently putting these vital facilities at risk. Others, with a reckless disregard for rules, fly drones in restricted airspace, endangering not only the infrastructure but also public safety.

The Solution

AirWarden can be monitored from any location to provide regional command centers or other agencies the ability to monitor multiple locations.

AeroDefense’s critical infrastructure drone detection solution, AirWarden™ detects both the drone and the pilot/controller simultaneously. It can detect multiple drones and their pilots at the same time.

The AirWarden Remote ID Receiver detects drones broadcasting Remote ID information.

AirWarden spectrum sensing fixed or mobile sensors detect drones broadcasting Remote ID information as well as drones NOT broadcasting Remote ID information including custom “kit” or Do It Yourself (DIY drones) without reliance on a product library.

In an era where our airspace is increasingly crowded with various electronic devices, the ability to distinguish between harmless background noise and drone activity is crucial. A sophisticated drone detection system equipped with effective RF signal filtering ensures that security personnel can focus their attention on genuine threats, minimizing false alarms and unnecessary disruptions. This capability not only enhances the system’s reliability but also optimizes resource allocation, allowing for faster and more accurate responses to unauthorized drone incursions.

Because AirWarden was developed in New Jersey and has been thoroughly tested at MetLife Stadium where it is commercially deployed, the system filters out other radio frequency (RF) signals in the environment.

Once detected, alerts are sent to security personnel via command console, text or email. Alerts are configurable based on role and type. They can also be sent to local law enforcement for a coordinated response.

The system is configured to trigger alerts when detected devices cross a user-defined boundary so the site can prioritize drone activity in the area it is most concerned about. 

Any information AirWarden derives locally from a facility deployment can be automatically sent to a fusion/dispatch center.

Drones pose a dynamic and evolving threat, often crossing jurisdictional boundaries and require a collective effort to stay ahead of potential risks.

AirWarden owners in different organizations can collaborate and work together in a single network if and when they want.

By working together, these agencies can create a seamless and coordinated response, enhancing situational awareness and the ability to quickly and effectively neutralize threats, ensuring the resilience and security of our critical infrastructure.

Drone detection isn’t just useful for immediate response. Replays of a detection event can also help build your case.

Users with access to reporting functionality can easily select and download information about a specific detection event, any number of detection events, and a summary of all devices detected. Users can also create an incident report of multiple detections with only a few clicks.

AirWarden mobile sensors deployed on a tripod or in a vehicle or marine vessel extend a fixed system’s detection range when needed. 

Mobile sensors can also be used as a single sensor or network of sensors. 

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