AirWarden Remote ID Receiver

AirWarden Remote ID Receiver

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote ID rule requires drones in flight to broadcast identification and location information that can be received by anyone.

The AirWarden Remote ID Receiver is an innovative, low-cost drone detection solution that receives FAA Remote ID broadcasts.

The receiver uses radio frequency (RF) technology to constantly monitor the airspace and receive Remote ID signals from the drone and controller in real-time, which typically contain information such as the pilot and device locations as well as drone altitude.

When a Remote ID broadcasting or non-broadcasting WiFi drone or pilot crosses a detection alert zone, users receive text and/or email alerts.

AirWarden’s simple, intuitive Command Console also displays an alert and select Remote ID information in real time. Additional Remote ID metrics broadcasted are stored for on-demand access.

Network Operations teams monitor multiple deployment locations from a single screen to receive detection alerts across sites and access any individual site with a single click.

Remote ID Receiver Installation

The small receiver installs easily on a building or pole and receives power over Ethernet.

It connects to the LTE network and AirWarden Command Console in the cloud for immediate use.

Remote ID Receiver Use Cases

Power Substations


Outdoor Public Gatherings



Any location that needs to add airspace awareness to current 2-D perimeter security

Our pilot kit includes a receiver, installation kit, and AirWarden Command Console software access.

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The AirWarden Remote ID Receiver is the entry-level drone detection addition to AeroDefense’s advanced spectrum-sensing fixed (permanently installed) and mobile drone detection product suite