AirWarden™ Drone Detection System

Detects/Locates Drone & Controller Simultaneously

AirWarden is an American-made, patented drone detection system that receives Remote ID broadcasts and identifies and classifies Radio Frequency (RF) drone and controller signatures and uses these signals to locate both devices simultaneously.

Detects/Locates Multiple Devices Simultaneously

AirWarden detects and locates multiple devices from different manufacturers simultaneously. Each device is represented by its own drone or controller icon in the AirWarden Command Console.

Identifies Known and Unknown Devices

AirWarden can detect any drone that emits an RF signal. This includes popular, ready-to-fly consumer drones, commercial drones, custom “kit” or Do It Yourself (DIY) drones and even a swarm of tiny micro-drones. Because the system uses the physical signature of a signal to identify drones, it can detect both known and unidentified drones. This means that it will detect new drones on the market without reliance on a product library.

Does Not Violate Privacy Laws

If an RF detection solution “decodes” or “demodulates” the signal from a drone not broadcasting Remote ID information to extract the drone type, serial number, GPS coordinates or the “Return to Launch” GPS coordinates, it violates U.S. Federal Wiretapping laws. AirWarden is a passive system that uses physical characteristics of the signal to detect and locate. This means it will not be affected when drone manufacturers start to encrypt the signal between their drones and controllers.

Sends Alerts

When the system detects a drone or controller near your facility, it can alert designated security personnel via: Command Console – A web based user interface that can run in a command center or be accessed remotely. Email and Text – Security personnel can be sent alerts via email and text. Alerts are configurable and can also be sent to local law enforcement for a coordinated response.

Flexible Deployment Options

AeroDefense offers fixed, temporary (portable), and mobile (in-motion) deployment options. The detection antenna's small size and weight (roughly 4 inches and 4 ounces) allows for several mounting options. AeroDefense's comprehensive product suite provides organizations options to match their investment to their threat level and offers investment protection as the software is the same for all platforms.

Regional/National Views

AirWarden's easy-to-use Command Console allows users to monitor multiple locations geographically separately simultaneously.

Collaborative Drone Detection Network

The combination of powerful software and flexible hardware deployments create the opportunity for AirWarden owners in different organizations to collaborate and work together in a single network if and when they want. This ability to collaborate across entities acts as a “force multiplier” of critical resources.

Urban Environment Performance

Many drone detection systems were developed in remote areas like the desert. This gave developers wide open areas to fly drones and test their system. The challenge is they’ve had limited experience in urban areas where buildings, cars, and other RF signals in the environment have a huge impact on the ability to detect drones and controllers. AirWarden was developed in urban New Jersey. Moreover, it has undergone extensive testing at an NFL Stadium where ambient RF signals can increase by 50,000 times during pre-game tail gaiting. As a result the system provides reliable detection and a low false positive rate, even in the toughest, busiest urban environments.

Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act

In the summer of 2019, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded AirWarden the Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation under the SAFETY Act. AeroDefense was the first drone detection company to be recognized under the SAFETY Act. After demonstrated success and another rigorous application review, AeroDefense received Designation status in 2024. As part of this prestigious designation, AirWarden users are offered certain liability protection.

DHS SAFETY Act Designation Seal

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