AirWarden™ Drone Detection Deployment Options

AirWarden’s 4″, 4 oz. detection antenna is not attached to the enclosure housing sensor electronics. Therefore, AeroDefense can offer several flexible deployment options.

Drone Detection Deployment Considerations

Drone detection deployment options should be carefully considered before purchase of a system. You should consider:

Blockage of detection antenna

If the antenna is attached to the sensor electronics enclosure, the structure the equipment is mounted to could block the antenna. This could negatively impact system effectiveness.

Aesthetics & identification as security equipment (sabotage/attack risk)

City planners and building owners typically desire a clean, uncluttered environment, so smaller, more discrete equipment is preferred.

Smaller equipment presents less of a sabotage risk because it’s not readily identifiable as drone detection or security equipment.

Wind load

It’s important to calculate the wind load on a piece of equipment so gale force winds do not compromise the pole on which it is mounted. The bigger the surface area, the stronger the force against the mounting pole.

The ability to mount sensor electronics high enough to achieve the desired line of sight may be limited for bulky equipment.

AeroDefense Drone Detection Deployment Options

Fixed (Permanent) Deployment – Sensor electronics in weatherproof enclosure

Detection antenna mounted approximately 1-45 ft above a weatherproof enclosure that contains the sensor electronics indoors or outdoors (coax connection)

Fixed (Permanent) AirWarden System Deployment
  • Safe, reliable deployment – reduced wind load factor on the mounting structure
  • Antenna can be placed as high as needed for best line of sight

Antenna can be mounted:

  • At top of utility pole
  • Using pole extension above sensor box

Sensor enclosure can be mounted:

  • On pole mount
  • At top of building
  • On metal framing

Vehicle or Marine Vessel Mounted Deployment – Sensor electronics in ruggedized enclosure in mobile command/patrol vehicles or marine vessels

Detection antenna mounted externally and easily portable sensor electronics stored internally

Vehicle and Marine Vessel Mounted AirWarden System Deployment Fiber
  • Vehicles operate independently, as a patrolling group, or in conjunction with permanently mounted systems

Antenna can be mounted:

  • On the vehicle or vessel externally

Sensor electronics in ruggedized enclosure stored in vehicle or vessel

Temporary/Portable Deployment – Sensor electronics enclosed in a ruggedized housing deployed in multiple ways

Detection antenna mounted on tripod or Will-Burt pole

  • A compact and easily deployed mobile system to meet your mission critical needs

Antenna can be mounted:

  • On a tripod
  • On a Will-Burt pole

Sensor electronics in ruggedized enclosure