AeroDefense CEO a panelist: Can We Stop Robots From Taking Our Jobs?

On October 25, AeroDefense CEO, Linda Ziemba, will join a panel of ‘women in technology’ experts at a Rockland Business Association event which is a joint event by the Technology Initiative and the Women’s Leadership Council. The panel will discuss the long term impact of robots in the workforce.

New technologies have always dramatically impacted the workplace and changed the nature of jobs and employment. With the rise of workplace automation, some are predicting a seismic shift in employment opportunities is imminent. The key questions up for discussion are:

  • Is it real or is it hype?
  • What can we do to plan for this new paradigm for ourselves and our children right here in the Hudson Valley?
  • What role do women play in our emerging technologies?

Can We Stop Robots From Taking Our Jobs?
October 25, 2018
Venue: HNA Palisades Premier Conference Center, 334 US-9W, Palisades, NY