2023 IJIS Institute Community Forum

Session Title: The Fight Against Small Commercial Drones – Applications for Mobile Drone Detection

Linda Ziemba, AeroDefense Founder and CEO
Sergeant Mike Ward, New Jersey State Police Assistant Unit Head – Target Hardening Unit

As the use of small commercial drones by hobbyists and nefarious actors continues to grow rapidly, there is a need for effective, versatile measures to detect and ultimately prevent resulting public safety and security threats. While permanently mounted drone detection technology is most ubiquitous, there are critical applications for mobile drone detection in corrections, law enforcement or emergency management.

Sergeant Mike Ward with the New Jersey State Police Target Hardening Unit and AeroDefense Founder and CEO, Linda Ziemba, will discuss the different types of mobile drone detection technologies, use cases, and best practices based on real world experience. The speakers will also discuss what the Federal Aviation Administration’s Remote ID rule means for drone detection technology and provide an overview of the regulatory landscape surrounding these technologies.

2023 IJIS Institute Community Forum
June 13-15, 2022
Venue: Westin Austin at the Domain
Address: 11301 Domain Drive, Austin, Texas 78758